Fees & Engagement plans



Our partners offer fixed-scope fixed-price projects, with flexible time & materials options, or a dedicated team on a monthly retainer, as well as any combination of the three. Sparta will oversee the process to ensure you obtain industry best practice solutions.





This model is ideal if everything about your software requirements are well-known and unlikely to change over time or have any project creep.


We help to define software specifications in detail, with the partner and agreed time and costs suitable for you.




This is the solution, and the core of outsourcing when you do not wish to hire permanent employees, or if you are finding it difficult to find the right skill set to meet your needs in house or budget needs.


It is the most flexible solution as its open to dynamic change of course and re-prioritise your development tasks as you go along.


Ideal for Agile development as you can review and refine software applications, following Agile scrum master assists, shown by the outsourcing partner with the process.




This is suitable when the amount of development work envisioned is small but not well-defined. The engagement is broken down into smaller fixed-cost/fixed-time phases (e.g., 1 month long).


This model limits your exposure in terms of costs and time as well you can review each phase and allocate budget allocation only if you are satisfied with the deliverables of the preceding phase.





Our partners can offer a flexible model that offers all three or support services under an SLA to manage unexpected needs or spikes and have dedicated support when you need it. Sparta will assist you in this process if you so need.


6.      OUR FEES


These are paid by the outsourcing partners, whatever costs are finally agreed between you and the outsourced partner .​

  • The only exception is for scoping work, which we will agree in advance.

  • Our scoping documents remain our scoping documents.

  • All IP belongs to you.

Talk to us first, to see which plan is suitable for your requirements.

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