• Zulf Choudhary

Bullying Leadership

Since Trump took control of the Republican Party and created his own style of bulling leadership, there has been a clear decline in moral values and an increase in partisanship supported by lies and bombast. The result is an accelerating decline in American influence and software power. The question is how to reverse it?

It comes down to great leadership, starting with the ability to inspire followers, create a vision and the ability to real achieve goals; make things happen. But these are all supported by trust, integrity, and honesty of leader. The underpinning factors are what gives a leader personal authority to inspire others to do great deeds. Likewise, if they fail or lose, they take personal responsibility and accept it graciously and go or fall on the sword. This is called moral character or strength. Often this is reinforced by laws and conventions, although you can bend then slightly but not break them.

The past

Those leaders that lack this moral character, however, can be expected to fight tooth and nail for a position that gives them definition and power. You can see all the bad straits of a poor leader, but good showman, in Donald J. Trump.

Trump has presided over the Republican party like a mafia don. The result is, he has undermined the best-known country for democracy, and It is hard to see how this party can rebuild its moral authority. The Republican party is now full of what Trump called ‘swamp monsters’ itself.

Trump cronyism and nepotism has undermined the US, at a worst time just as Russia, Indian and China, all not known for high democratic ideals, are pushing for hegemony yet undermining the world order that led to economic growth, liberal values, and some sense moral order.

The lack of moral leadership at the top of the party shows that bullying and egotistical leader can cripple the healthy response to crisis, or the development of political discourse created by falsehoods, and downright lies will hinder the development of new leaders as they will take their cue from team Trump.

The democrats on the other hand, might feel they need to placate Trump supporters is in fact a nonstarter. Just remember that Romanian dictator, Nicolae Ceausescu, had millions of supporters as had Saddam or Ghaddafi. They melted away once the demagogue was overthrown. The only remaining fools will be the Mike Pence’s of the religious extremists. They will die naturally and become an irrelevance. But we need a strong Republican party to function as counterweight to the Democrats. Republicans need to rebrand and win the high ground in politics and not allow itself to be led by ego that cares not for the party or the nation but merely for his own position. They need to reform once Trump is gone or in prison.

What next?

The democratic party should, once in power, enact new rules to govern behaviour of Presidents in the future to prevent a Trump type personality from corrupting the system again. I suggest the following new rules:

1. Reducing uncertainty. 5 days after election is called, the incumbent MUST accept the result and effect a smooth transfer of power. Failure to do so to the winner’s satisfaction will mean that the winner can use the police to evict the incumbent from 12.00 on day 6. This will reduce delays and uncertainty in the political system.

2. Cost of checking ballets-any party that disputes votes must pay for the recounts or checks from their own budgets upfront- forcing them to be incredibly careful.

3. Forcing honesty- any politician who has been ‘fact checked’ more than 10 times get disqualified to run for office; will force them to be more honest to the public.

4. Prevent nasty actions against key staff. From the date of the election, the incumbent cannot fire or hire any new staff member as reward or punishment or the create problems for the new administration. Unless done with independent panel of experts.

This reform will ensure the incumbent cannot poison the well or delay hand over processes.

We need America great again under a new moral and innovative leadership which tackles all the wrongs and deaths imposed on the American polity by Trump and a lame Republican party. Coronavirus, jobs, business growth and rebalancing US foreign policy and rebuilding good links and it is standing this world.

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