Privacy Policy


What information do we collect about you?

We request all of the following data from our users (this data is provide only if your device data sharing settings allows it):


· All Users:

o Device Operating System

o Device Operating System Version

o Device Version – The version Name of access to the service device

o Country – The country the user resides in.

o Device Brand – The brand name of the mobile device (e.g., Motorola,

o App feedback submissions – all in app feedback submissions.

· Users who log-in via email:

o Email

o Password

· Users who log-in via Facebook:

o Email

o Public profile – name, picture

o User friends

o Age range

o Gender

o Location

· Users who log-in via Google+:

o Email

o Public profile – name, picture


How do we use your information?


All of the information we collect is used for at least one of the following reasons:


· User Authentication – to identify the registered app user and provide a

tailored experience

· Data Analytics/User Feedback – to allow us to understand how people are

using our app so that we can make improvements the user journey


To whom do we disclose your information?


· Your personal data is never shared with anyone outside of Sparta Consulting.

· Anonymised information is occasionally shared with external partners.

· We use a third-party web services to process information however they

have no access to your personal user data.


How do we keep your data secure?


Sparta Consulting strive to use best practice when it comes to data security. For in depth information on how we keep your data secure please read our Data Protection Policy.