How we help you

We help small companies on limited budgets to obtain full service support to benefit from outsourcing services.


All brokered deals  will ensure that you obtain positive bottom-line impacts.


We create win-win situations.


How we help

  •  Listen to your needs

  •  Sign an NDA.

  •  Create Project brief to share with others.

  •  Find suitable partner & arrange a meeting     (Online).

02   Putting you in control

  • Agree the deal type

  • Processed you contract.

  •  Execution

  •  Testing and bug fixes.

  • Sign off by you.

Arrange for any training or manuals



  • ·        Be honest and frank about any changes or shocks.

  • ·        If it is large project, we advise SLA to be signed.

  • ·        Assign roles to partners.

  • ·        Create clear channels of communications.

  • ·        Access to platform via sharing arrangements.


Outsourcing myths

  • It is only for the ‘big boys’

  • It is very costly?

  • How do I manage the relationships?


Outsourcing helps all companies reduce development time, increase expertise not possible inhouse and have no residual labour costs.  


Increase no matter how small or large. Plus, we guide and hold your hand though out the journey.