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Mental Resilience and the Corona-virus

The Coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the importance of mental resilience in overcoming the challenge it poses for all of us. Our mental well-being is a complex and very individual thing It has some common features, however That may help us survive mentally. To simplify matters, see the diagram below as highlighting factors in our mental resilience. I will take each one by turn and show how it can be used to build your mental resilience so you can cope with any crisis.

1. Accept the facts

One the key factors is accepting the facts. Denying the facts only makes things worse and best makes us look like fools.

How to avoid getting or spreading the Coronavirus.

1. Accept the facts of the Coronavirus and take government advice and that the government is doing it best to protect you.

2. Once you accept facts, your fear will subside as you will know be in positive mind to do things to help it spreading.

3. Viruses have no religion! So, base your preventive actions in scientific or government advice.

2. Physical steps

We have been advised by the experts to:

1. Wash your hands with soap and water (you do not need hand sanitisers) for 30 seconds.

2. Change you clothing as the virus droplets can stick to clothing for 72 hours.

3. Stay away from people, at least 2 metres to prevent you catching the virus

4. Quarantine yourself for minimum of 14 days or 21 days-do it.

From the BBC website

5. Do as much physical exercises as you can as it builds resistance as it keeps your mind fresh as a fit body is better able to cope than an unfit body!

6. Drop smoking as you will need your lunges for better things… like living!

7. Eat healthy, we might ween yourself of contaminated supermarket food!

8. Learning breathing exercises or various techniques to get control of our bodies (try 6-2-6-2 breathing technique to calm our nears, tensions or anger.

Don’t worry as experts are there to help you. Any financial costs can be assessed and faced later.

3. Plan B

Always have plan B, it will ease your mind and put you int positive mind set. Why? It reassures and you can prepare for the long haul, you that done positive things:

- New hobbies

- Book reading

- Painting, singing, art appreciation, drawing etc.

- Knitting, music, plays

- The list in infinite!

- Reduce waste in your life

The key is keeping the mind occupied. It will start to work differently. Long haul means more loo rolls or change to water, like Muslims!

4. Social

This is the most difficult as social media is the best way for fake news to travel, geta life of its own and the appear as ‘Facts’.

- Do not spread news for the sake of it unless you can verify its veracity.

- Social media is like virus so be a discerning reader

- Manage how you read it as too much can make you depressed. Limit your exposure to constant news by setting times to look at news on TV.

The key thing is by keeping a positive mind we will get through this threat to all of us, as we have in the past, without losing our decency or humanity. The resilient mind is one that can cope with uncertainty, fear and changing circumstances and take it in our stride.

Sorry but I need to rush off as some loo paper has arrived in my supermarket! Ha ha….

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